Saturday, September 22, 2012

Books 2012: Leaving the Comfort Cafe

Leaving the Comfort CafeLeaving the Comfort Cafe by Dawn DeAnna Wilson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story was beautifully written and often surprised with vivid imagery and great wisdom spoken from the lips or minds of the characters. In general, it was a lovely story with a relatively unique and interesting plot-line. It is an interesting mix of quirky, small-town relationships and deeper family ties, the process of forgiveness, growing and falling in love.

"In the South, Tradition never dies, You can choke it and poison it and cuss at it all you like - but it never really dies." (location 158)

"You said even rejection was a celebration because it was just the universe's way of telling me it was one place where I didn't belong, a way of honing me in on the right path, even though I may know nothing about it at the time." (location 526)

"Don't think you're better than anyone else, ever, just because of what you do. What we do is just seconds to pass the time and buy the bread. Nothing more." (location 1735)

"Well you need to use the fancy soaps, wear fancy underwear, dance naked in your living room when no one's looking - ah hell, dance naked in your living room when people are looking. We wonder why God doesn't make our dreams come true, and God wonders why we never use the fancy soaps. You think He's going to give us something special when we don't know how to use what we've got?" (location 2052)

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A few other notes:

This was my 'transition' book. Transition from reading about RVing and how to live life. Transition from living in South Korea to the USA. Transition from airport-to-airport. Transition from job-to-job. It was meant to be simply, simple and easy and not too thought-provoking. I'm thankful it occasionally provoked thoughts, but mostly it let me escape and transition, exactly what I was looking for.  

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